Managing Your Personal Finances Like a Business

Have you ever wondered how wealthy individuals manage their personal finances?  You would probably be surprised, but most wealthy individual manage their personal financial situation as if it were a business.  They spend time analyzing their personal budget, monthly cash flow, and monthly and quarterly balance sheet.  Below are some guidelines on how managing your personal finances as a business can help elevate your savings, reduce your debt, and improve your overall financial situation.

  1. Create a cash flow analysis on a monthly basis to track incoming money and outgoing money.  This will help to identify what you are spending too much on, and what months you tend to overspend.
  2. Create a balance sheet showing all your assets (accounts, cars, homes, etc.) and liabilities (loans, mortgages, debt, etc.) and track on a monthly or quarterly basis.  You goal should be to improves your overall net worth (assets minus liabilities) from month to month or quarter to quarter.  You cash flow analysis will direct you on how to improve your asset section of your balance sheet.
  3. Create a reasonable and livable budget that reflects what you need to live and also what you can afford to live on based on your goals of having a positive cash flow analysis and balance sheet that increases your net worth over time.
By managing your home finances like a business (I.E. using cash flow analysis, balance sheets, and budgeting), you will learn to better appreciate the value of saving and living within your means while still sustaining an adequate lifestyle for you and your family.

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